Q: What is AFE (additional fee element)?  A: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/prospective-students/graduate/fees-funding/tuition-fees

Visa/ATAS/CAS - (mainly MSc) - links to relevant websites

Accommodation (slightly different for UG/MSc & research)

Pre-enrolment/enrolment pages (for EPSRC/BBSRC research additional information regarding JeS and funding??)

Q: I am a current UCL student, do I need to send my results? A: As part of the admissions process all offer holders, whether unconditional or conditional, are required to provide original certified evidence of their most recently awarded graduate qualification, for example a Bachelors Degree or higher qualification, before enrolling. If you are a current student at UCL, or have graduated from UCL, this verification will be done on your behalf by Graduate Admissions

Q: Are scanned originals sufficient or do I have to provide the actual originals? A: Unless your University uses an online document verification service to issue final transcripts to other institutions you must provide your documents either via postal mail or in person. Scanned documents sent via email are not original and therefore will not be accepted.
Q: What is the difference between an EngD and a PhD?

Q: Is there any help with funding for OS students? A: funding for Overseas students is very limite, for UCL scholarship website search the following website: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/prospective-students/scholarships

Q: Are there English courses available for new OS students? UCL Centre for Languages & International Education (CLIE) can offer Pre-sessional English Courses, International Graduate Preparation Courses, Part time Academic English Courses and other options you might find helpful.

Q: What are the maximum and average durations of PhD studies at Dept? A:???

Q: What will be the general course of progression as I am told that I will be enrolled in MPhil and then upgraded to PhD. 

Q: Is there a flexible start date?

Q: For those receiving departmental funding towards the maintenance, will it be extended if the PhD duration is extended?

Q: How is the stipend paid? A: The stipend is paid in quarterly installments. The actual payment dates are given to students by UCL Student Finance office after enrollment. These dates are only a guidance, it can take up to 10 working days for the payment to get through.  

Q: Are there any compulsory modules PhD students must take? A: The expectation is that all MPhil/PhD students take 4x compulsory modules in the first and second year as part of their 'Roberts' Training. Details of these will be given to students during the induction.

Q: Graduation ceremony. A: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/graduation/
Q: Is there any support available for attending conferences and workshops? A: A Department Conference Fund has been set up to provide a limited contribution to departmental students who are attending overseas conferences whilst on UCL department business.
Q: Is it possible to convert into EngD later? If so, what would be the funding scenario?
Q: Can PhD program have an Industrial collaboration or internships associated to it?
Q: Due to some Visa/other issues, I am unable to join in September. Can I extend my start date? A: It is possible to postpone the start date. Student must notify the supervisor(s) and admissions administrator to agree on a new start date.