Q: How to pay my tuition fees to UCL? A: Go to the UCL Online Payment Service website and follow the appropriate links.

Q: I require a student visa to enter the UK. Where do I start? A: You will need a unique reference number provided in a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies from UCL. This reference can only be produced if you are holding an unconditional offer and will be made available to you in the Application Portal. Further information on the student visa process is available on relevant UCL webpages.

Q: Who do I contact when needing help making visa arrangements? A: Immigration advice is provided by qualified staff in UCLU Rights and Advice office

Q: I'd like to know more about the enrollment process at UCL. A: Once you have accepted an unconditional offer you will be invited to pre-enrol in the portal within 48 hours of your offer becoming unconditional if you have accepted it. Information about the exact time and date you are expected to formally enrol will be sent to you after you have completed the pre-enrolment task. You can find out more information about enrolment and a guide to your first few weeks at UCL at www.ucl.ac.uk/new-students.  

Q: Do the classes take place in the morning or afternoon-night? A: Most MSc taught modules run in Term 1 & 2, Mon-Fri 9am to 4pm or 6pm (apart from Wednesday's afternoons, which are kept free). 

Q: When submitting an MSc application, do I include only a name and contact details of the referees or do I provide written reference from them? A: When completing the online application form applicants are required to supply the Referees' details (Name; Post' Address; Telephone number; Email address). Upon submission of their application an email will be automatically generated by UCLs system and sent to the email address provided. Thus applicants should take care when entering these details. Note, that following the submission you are able to log into the online applicant portal and edit/amend or replace your referees contact details and resend the reference request. 

Q: When is the latest I can pay my fees by? A: Fees can be paid latest by 31st October each year. A minimum payment of 50% is required although the full amount may be paid. Second installments are due by the following 1st February.  

Q: Can I defer after I enrol? A: The fee liability for interrupting or withdrawing student's is published on current students website.

Q: As an overseas student, can I change the MSc stream during the induction week? A: The Tier 4 policy guidance states that a new ATAS certificate will be required if there are any changes to the course content. The application for the new ATAS should b made before the student changes the course content.

Q: Do I need to supply my own lab coats and safety specs? A: All lab coats and safety specs are provided in the labs by the department so you don't need to bring your own.