We offer the following Undergraduate Programmes:

  • BEng and MEng in Biochemical Engineering: Biochemical Engineering is engaged in the creation of new medicines, biofuels and environmental management tools - essential discoveries if we are to meet the global health and environmental challenges of tomorrow. Our degrees (BEng and MEng; programme details below) offer a flexible syllabus, innovative teaching and real engineering experience. They represent an international benchmark. 
As part of UCL's Integrated Engineering Programme, you can take minor courses in an interdisciplinary subject within Engineering or an alternative discipline, broadening your range of expertise.
Our innovative teaching employs problem- and scenario-based learning. Taught by world experts at the cutting-edge of the discipline, you will have regular opportunities to put theory into practice, preparing you for the real world.

The four-year programmes (MEng) build upon the foundations of the BEng. They provide additional opportunities to acquire hands-on practical research experience and advanced design skills relating to new challenges such as the design of      processes to deliver novel stem cell therapies.

As an Engineering graduate from UCL, you will be highly employable, whether or not you choose to pursue a career in biochemical engineering. Your problem-solving abilities, teamwork and communication skills will equip you with the competencies for a diverse range of occupations, including architecture, web design, teaching, the Civil Service and financial analysis.

              BEng in Biochemical Engineering

              MEng in Biochemical Engineering

  • BSc in Bioprocessing of New Medicines: This is a three year course for those who wish to develop their understanding of the latest biomedical and translational technologies required for new medicines and their commercialisation. Two options are offered:      
-  BSc in Bioprocessing of New Medicines (Business and Management)

-  BSc in Bioprocessing of New Medicines (Science and Engineering)