For pre-enrolment please see this page:


Enrolment - your most important task once you arrive at UCL

At the end of August/ early September you will be emailed details of your departmental induction which includes details of when your UCL enrolment session will be.


On completion of enrolment you will be able to access all the facilities and services you are entitled to as a student at UCL. For more information on what you will need to bring with you for enrolment, please see our UCL website: 



Things that happen during enrolment

       -         Formal registration – you will need to bring photo ID (and visa if applicable) as well as your student number

-         Receive your  UCL ID card

-         Receive your  UCL user ID and password

-          Pay first instalment of Tuition Fees (50% must be paid by the end of October)

-          Receive statement of enrolment

-          You can obtain a letter for opening a bank account