1. follow UCL website on Pre-enrolment



1. Around the mid of August you will be sent the Induction Week Timetable along with other essential departmental information. You will be expected to follow this timetable during the first week or two while also following your Common Timetable. You will be able to use the Personalized Common Timetable after you complete the Module Registration exercise on Portico. This will be covered in the departmental induction.

2. When you arrive at UCL your most important task is to enrol in person. On completion of enrolment you will then be able to access all the facilities and services you are entitled to as a student at UCL. For information on how and where to enrol see UCL website on Enrolment.

3. Pay your fees - please follow the UCL advice.

For further information on any of the above and much more, see the UCL FAQs.