As part of the admissions process all offer holders, whether unconditional or conditional, are required to provide original certified evidence of their most recently awarded graduate qualification, for example a Bachelors Degree or higher qualification, before enrolling. Please note that if you are a current student at UCL, or have graduated from UCL, this verification will be done on your behalf by Graduate Admissions and you are not required to provide the following items:

You are required to provide ONE of the following forms of evidence as soon as it is available to you:

- An original, official final transcript which states clearly that your degree has been awarded. UCL Admissions office cannot accept transcripts that do not confirm the date of award/graduation/conferral. If your transcript does not contain this information you must provide one of the other acceptable forms of evidence.

- A certified copy of your degree certificate. Do NOT send the original document as the UCL Admissions office will not be able to return it. Certification consist of an original signature and stamp confirming that the copy is in accordance with the original. Certification can be done by an official of your university, a solicitor or notary, or a certified translator. If you have graduated from a Chinese institution, in addition to the certified copy of your degree certificate you are also required to provide a certified copy of your Graduation Certificate and transcript.

- The completed Results Confirmation Form which can be found attached to this email. All sections must be completed; this must include an original stamp and signature. Please note that the completed form must be returned by postal mail. We will not accept this document if it is provided by email as it will no longer be original.

Please note:

Unless your University uses an online document verification service to issue final transcripts to other institutions you must provide your documents either via postal mail or in person. Scanned documents sent via email are not original and therefore will not be accepted.

If your documents are not originally issued in English, you must provide the document in its original language and an official and certified English translation.

Please remember that no documents will be returned to you. For this reason UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU SEND YOUR ORIGINAL DEGREE CERTIFICATE.

If for any reason you need to defer your offer to the next academic year please email with your request. Please note that you are only allowed to defer once. If you have previously deferred your offer you will need to reapply during the next admissions cycle.